4 Habits That Will Keep You In A Credit Card Debt Pit

good-bad-habitsNational Debt Relief, a top-ranked debt relief services company, published an article in February 2016 in which it highlighted some of the reasons why people seem to get stuck in credit card debt. The article titled “4 Habits That Will Keep You in A Credit Card Debt Pit” takes a closer look at some of the destructive credit card habits people have.

The article began by explaining that people who are stuck with large credit card debts must recognize that these large debts did not happen overnight. It was not the fault of the card that got them there but an accumulation of wrong credit card habits. Continue reading “4 Habits That Will Keep You In A Credit Card Debt Pit”

Orange County man faces 20 years in prison for credit card debt scam



Here is another reason consumers must be vigilant when choosing debt relief companies for their credit card debts. There are many scams out there. The following story is a recap of an article that appeared in a recent edition of “My News LA.com”. The article entitled “Orange County man faces 20 years in prison for credit card debt scam” reinforces the fact that there are many companies offering debt relief services to consumers but are nothing more than scams. Continue reading “Orange County man faces 20 years in prison for credit card debt scam”

Get Credit Card Debt Relief

Are you Struggling with Excessive Credit Card Debt?
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A credit card is man-push-word-debt-d-illustration-43041117so easy to get that every adult seems to have one, with some people having many of them. The consumer is inundated daily with commercials and mailing offers about the latest and greatest card available. But unfortunately, this has led to significant challenges with debt. Some have credit card debts equivalent to a loan you’d take out on a luxury car. Making the monthly payments on these huge credit card balances can consume a significant portion of every paycheck. It is no wonder people wind up in financial distress.

Continue reading “Get Credit Card Debt Relief”

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